Sam Van Tu
Tu's energetic engagement and passion to the Ethnic Travel way of travel, extensive knowledge and strong love for Vietnam will surprise and delight you in so many ways. As two travellers said.
"A wonderful 3 days away! We felt comfortable with our enthusiastic guide Tu. He spoke excellent English and gave us plenty of information about local customs, religion, geography, people and life in Northern Vietnam. And was happy to answer all our many questions."

Trinh Van Khanh
Khanh, a graduate of Hanoi’s National University of Foreign Languages, founded Ethnic Travel and established the company’s reputation for client-focused tour planning, cultural sensitivity and environmental responsibility. Known for his love of the outdoors and winning smile, Khanh delights in ensuring that Ethnic Travel participants experience the real Vietnam and take home personal and meaningful memories of his country. His proficiency in languages is frequently displayed in his great sense of humour. Come and meet him.

Giang Thi My 
My possesses a wealth of knowledge and passion for her guiding job. My shares vast hands-on experience of her own life and beliefs that provide an insightful view into the local culture and people. My is an intergral part of Ethnic Travel.

"We have had a great trip to Mai Chau with My, our tour guide. She was great because she explained lots of highlights and translated when we spoke to locals and she was willing to answer our numerous questions and was very patient, flexible and polite. She took us off the "beaten-track" to places we would not have gone to on our own but felt completely safe going there with My. We would recommend Ethnic Travel and My to anyone who wants to see the real Vietnam."

Duong Xuan Son

Being open and receptive, relaxed and gentle, Son is perfect as a tour guide. Son is committed to providing our guests memoralbe and enjoyable experiences.

"A fabulous trip! The opportunity to spend time hiking and relaxing, eating and talking with Vietnamese families was wonderful - felt as though we learned much more about the people than we could have possibly done otherwise. Son was the perfect guide for this experience - insightful and thoughtful. His passion and love for the country comes through every minute.”

Mai Thu 
Thu’s boundless enthusiasm and bright smile makes her a great addition to our team. Thu’s laid back style, love for the countryside and knowledge of Vietnam will give you a real insight into the country and its people.

"We were pleasantly surprised that our guide spoke excellent French with an incredible vocabulary. She was very knowledgeable about the area and environment. We would recommend to anybody to get away from the crowds and see 'real' Vietnam with Thu."


Truong Ngoc Xuan
Xuan loves travelling with Ethnic Travel. Xuan's laid back style and ability to talk about anything means he is a natural tour guide. Some of our satisfied guests said.

"Our tour guide "Xuan" was awesome. He kept a smile on at all times, helped everyone whenever he could, kept us laughing the whole trip and stole the hearts of every man, woman, and child on the trip. I hope Ethnic Travel gives him a huge raise!"

Ly Thi Khu
Khu was born into an ethnic Hmong family in Sapa. Khu has the depth of her insight. She approaches her work with an honesty and vision that is inspiring. Khu also shows a genuine concern that the traveller really enjoys their experience. Khu is more than willing to make some changes to meet our guests' specific needs. Khu is an excellent tour guide.

"Our guide was an excellent instructor in the complexity of the culinary delights. She also adapted the tour to suit our every desire. We would definitely recommend Khu and Ethnic Travel to our friends and family."


Nong Van Vang
In true ethnic spirit, and armed with endless energy, Vang loves sharing his infectious laughter and the beautiful insights of Vietnam with other travellers. Join our family of satisfied guests.
"We had such an amazing trip with Ethnic Travel. Vang is an excellent guide. As budget travellers we were tempted to go on a larger, cheaper tour. Affer traveling with Vang we didn't regret our decision. He is professional and amazingly honest. We did exactly what he said we would do. We feel lucky to have connected with locals that we wouldn't have met without Vang's help. We have nothing but good things and happy memories to say about Vang and his way of showing guests about Vietnam." 


Ngan Van Nghi
Being our host family in Mai Chau, Nghi ensures our guests will experience first-hand the daily life of Mai Chau ethnic people with a sense of fun and involvment. From cultivating seasonal crops to cooking local dishes. Nghi is a wonderful host in Mai Chau.




Hoang Van Minh
Minh is full of life. Minh has travelled extensively in Vietnam. He will share his enthusiasm and passion for his driving work with you. One of our satisfied guests said.

"The time spent travelling with Minh was excellent with all members of the Ethnic Travel team, looking after our welfare and catering for our every needs."



Cam Muoi
If you wish to have a beautiful homestay in Sapa, Muoi's homestay is an excellent choice. Her family is welcoming and friendly. Muoi is a great talker and cook. For Muoi food is an hospitality. Come and meet our wonderful host!




Le Vu Truc Phuong
Phuong joined our team to fulfil her long term goal of working as a tour guide. Phuong has guided many groups of tourists in Mekong Delta. She has an extensive knowledge of Vietnam and uses a “hands-on” approach: leading the way for her group’s enjoyment of everything from cycling and cooking. Her upbeat, personalized manner of guiding tours reflects her devotion to Mekong Delta. Phuong is committed to bringing you enjoyable and unforgetable trips.


Ly Thi Ly
Ly, our tour guide, has a profound knowledge of northern Vietnam and possesses a vast experience of guiding in the region. Ly's energy, passion and enthusiasm are amazing. 





Ta Van Hien
Hien found the Ethnic experience of travel so rewarding that he made it his way of life. Try matching his energy and enthusiasm.

"It was amazing time travelling with Ethnic Travel and especially with Hien. Hien was particularly attentioned and willing to make our stay as comfortable as possible. We really enjoyed our trip and the company of Hien." 





Dang Cong Quyet
Quyet, our tour guide, has a profound knowledge of northern Vietnam and possesses a vast experience of guiding in the region. Quyet's energy, passion and enthusiasm are amazing. 




Tran Van Trong
Trong is enthusiastic and dedicated to his driving job. A gifted member of our team!

"Excellent, keep up your work. You were fantastic to us always helpful and looking out for us. Thank you."






Nguyen Van Nghia 
Nghia has a sense of fun and strong commitment to his work. You will find that Nghia offers an excellent driving skill.





Phan Ngoc Phi
Phi worked as a taxi driver before he joined Ethnic Travel. He is an experienced and committed driver in our team.






Sung Thi Kieu
Kieu was born in Lao Chai, a small and beautiful village in the east of Sapa. As a tour guide of Northern Vietnam, Kieu knows the cultures and traditions of the places she guides to. More than anything, she knows the local people. She has a great knowledge and jokes, collected over years. With passion, humour and a pleasant smile Kieu is a perfect tour guide.








Ha Thi Van
Van feels at home in Ethnic Travel. Van is in charge of our office work.

"Wise, witty and nurturing." is how Van has been described.












Tran Thi Bac
Bac became our team member through her strong commitment to Ethnic Travel. It all begins with her investing time to truly understand our client's business and adapting her expertise to our guest's needs.










Pham Thi Linh

Linh has a sense of fun and strong commitment to her office work.













Le Hong
Hong join our team in Hanoi as a driver. Hong's enthusiasm and sustainable commitment makes him many friends wherever he goes. One of our satisfied guests said.









Hang Thi Chau
Chau’s experience, enthusiasm, knowledge, genuine interest and love of her Sapa hometown as well as the opportunity to share her hometown with you will become evident the moment that you begin your trip with her. You will have a true experience of the beauty of the people and the surroundings. Join her in our trips.






Vi Thi La
With dedication and keen humour, deligence and delight, La is our cook in Mai Chau. La relishes in offering our guests a glimpse of the true joys of making and enjoying really sublime food. For La, food is always an adventure. Join her in Mai Chau.







Nguyen Hong Thang
After many years of working as a driver, Thang's experience and passion for Vietnam will make for a safe and fun-filled holiday. He is a great driver.

"An excellent driver and that was a great relief to us (travelling with our kids), because the traffic isn't very easy in Vietnam. Thang is a treasure of Ethnic Travel."







Nguyen Van Trinh
Trinh works with Ethnic Travel as a driver for our trips around Northern Vietnam. Trinh enjoys his experience of being with us. Join him on our trips. One of our satisfied guests said

"He was a great host and took care to introduce us to new experiences. He was gracious, curious, accomodating".







Giang A Su
Su was born to a Black Hmong family in Mu Cang Chai. Su is willing to lead you beyond the regular tours. He is a great tour guide.









Nguyen Cong Hoan
Hoan has a strong understanding of our guests and an incremental commitment for his driving work. Hoan is an excellent driver.





Giang Thi Mu 
Mu's outgoing and happy nature makes her many friends among the local people and travellers alike. She is a great tour guide at home in any region in Vietnam. Our satisfied guests said. 

"Thank you for serving as interpreter when we stop at the cafe and answering all our questions, from irrigation to traditional wedding practices- you seem to know everything! You are a great guide and we were very happy to have you with us for this unusual foray into life in rural Vietnam."






Pham Van Toan
Toan has joined our team as a vehicle cleaner. Toan also works as a chef in a local restaurant. Toan is one of our most committed team members.









Le Hong Quang
Quang joined our competent driving team. On his driving responsibility, Quang pledges his sustainable commitment to bringing peace of mind to our guests.









Vu Gia Tinh 
Tinh joined us as a driver. His strong commitment and excellent driving skill make every trip so enjoyable and memorable. Come and meet him.









Ly Thi Nhu
Being our tour guide in Sapa, Nhu ensures her guests will experience first-hand the daily life of Sapa ethnic people with a sense of fun and involvment. From cultivating seasonal crops to cooking local dishes. Nhu is a wonderful tour guide in Sapa.








Pham Thi Thuong
Born into the province of Nam Dinh, Thuong has just graduated from a Banking Academy in Hanoi and joined Ethnic Travel as an accountant. Dedicating her energy to work and love for Vietnam makes Thuong a perfect team member for Ethnic Travel.









Ly Thi Thu Nguyet
Our guests find Nguyet, our host in the Mekong Delta very gracious and friendly. She cooks excellent meals and shares history and culture with our visitors. She is a valued member of our team.







Trinh Thi Thuy 
At Thuy's family you capture the magic of Ninh Binh and get closer to its people and culture. One of our guests said 

"We had a wonderful time at Thuy's family. All her family were very friendly and made us feel welcome. She was an excellent host" 







Do Xuan Tinh
Tinh loves sharing his fun, extensive knowledge and great driving skills with you. Perfect for your driver.









Nguyen Van Viet 
Viet falls in love with his driving job, it gives him great opportunities to explore many different beautiful parts of Vietnam. He is looking forward to sharing memorable trips to our guests.