1 day Perfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda holds great religious significance for the local people and is considered one of the most sacred sites in Vietnam. Perfume Pagoda is a vast complex of Buddhist temples and shrines. It is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites for Vietnamese Buddhists, particularly during the annual Perfume Pagoda Festival, which takes place from the first to the third lunar month of the year.

Departing from Hanoi, we travel through diverse countryside until we reach the pier at Duc. Here, we board a local riverboat and travel upstream along the Yen stream, also known as the Yen River, is a picturesque waterway in Vietnam. 
As you travel along the stream, you can see lush green farmlands, dense forests, and dramatic limestone karsts rising from the water. The tranquil and unspoiled natural surroundings make the journey very peaceful and visually stunning.

Next, we take a cable car up to Perfume Pagoda, which offers stunning aerial views of the surrounding landscape. The pagoda, hidden in a cave and surrounded by dense forests and towering limestone mountains, is nestled in a dramatic and scenic setting. The main pagoda, located inside a cave on the top of Huong Tich Mountain.

Huong Tich Pagoda, an integral part of the Perfume Pagoda complex, is dedicated to Ba Chua Ba. According to local legend, Ba Chua Ba was a benevolent and enlightened Princess who gave up all material possessions and devoted herself entirely to spiritual pursuits. She is said to have chosen the cave within Huong Tich Mountain as her place of meditation and enlightenment. Her presence sanctified the cave, making it a sacred site for worship and pilgrimage.

The cave itself, where Huong Tich Pagoda is located, is said to have been discovered during the reign of Emperor Le Thanh Tong. When the cave was found, its entrance resembled the open mouth of a dragon, and inside, stalactites and stalagmites formed shapes that were interpreted as Buddhist symbols. These natural formations were seen as divine signs that the cave was indeed a holy place blessed by Ba Chua Ba. We continue to admire the breathtaking scenery as we hike back to our waiting boat. From there, we proceed to our vehicle for the journey back to Hanoi. Finally, we arrive in Hanoi around 5 p.m. (Lunch is included.

The facts…

Physical activities: 

Our itinerary includes a 4-5 km hike.


  • Air-conditioned vehicle (Car or Bus)
  • Boat

Tour Guide: Our experienced, friendly and professional tour guide speaks good English. He is knowledgeable about local cultures, history and the environment

Meal: Lunch

We choose local ingredients, typical of the way people eat in the area, at local restaurants, homes or markets. We also cater for Vegetarians but please request this at time of booking.

Trip cost: 

  • $98USD per person for a group from 2 to 6 people
  • $75USD per persob for a group from 7 to 10 people

The cost of the trip includes:

  • English speaking tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Purified drinking water
  • Entrance fees
  • VAT and other taxes

The cost of the trip does not include:

  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks (soft drinks, alcohol)
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Personal expenses

What to Bring:

Pack essentials, including small day pack, hiking shoes, insect repellent, sun cream, raincoat, sun hat…

Have a great journey!!!