6 days Sapa to Ha Giang

Day 1: Hanoi - Sapa - Hiking & Trekking

Departing Hanoi from your hotel we journey to Lao Cai then weaves through winding roads, promising stunning panoramic views of rice terraces and mountains below on to Sapa. After a short stroll around the Sapa township we have a lunch in a local restaurant. This is followed a trek through Y Linh Ho, a spectacularly beautiful valley and home to the Black H'mong ethnic people, who emigrated from China 300 years ago. The H'mong people are easily recognizable by their dark-blue or black clothing. The dye is made from the indigo plant, which is native to the area. H'mong women wear long aprons with embroidered waistcoats.

We will pass along buffalo paths and trails, as well as through peaceful ethnic minority villages. This is a spectacular hike, winding through stunning scenery and sculpted rice paddy terraces. We will eat lunch while enjoying the magnificent views over the lush valley and soaring mountains. Finally, we will trek down to the hilltribe villages of Giang Ta Chai, nestled in a spectacular region and home to the Zay ethnic people.

The Zay people are adept at rice cultivation and are responsible for tending the manicured terraces that stretch as far as the eye can see. Tonight, we will enjoy a meal of delicious Vietnamese dishes prepared by our hosts. We will spend a memorable night in the traditional house of a Zay family. (Lunch and dinner are included)

Day 2: Sapa hiking & trekking

The beautiful Giang Ta Chai is surrounded by verdant hills, soaring mountains, and scenic rice terraces. After breakfast, we will take an extensive hike to Su Pan village. We will follow paths between rice terraces, through lush bamboo forests, past waterfalls, and across a suspension bridge. Next, we will head down to the last village of the trek, Ban Ho, situated in a region of scenic rice terraces and home to the Tay ethnic people. At night, we will stay with a friendly Tay family. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included)

Day 3: Sapa - Ha Giang

After breakfast, we will enjoy a scenic hike to Thanh Phu, home to dramatic mountains, lush fertile hills, and the Tay ethnic people. Hiking through the stunning rural countryside and meeting the friendly locals offers us a wonderful glimpse into their way of life. Next, we will meet our vehicle for a journey to Ha Giang. Upon arrival, we will enjoy a leisurely hike through peaceful traditional ethnic villages, picturesque terraced fields, and forested areas. As the day draws to a close, we will settle in with a friendly and hospitable local family for the night. (Breakfast and dinner included)

Day 4: Ha Giang - Quan Ba - Dong Van

This morning, we set off on motorcycles heading east towards the Bac Sum Pass. Along the way, we will visit the Quan Ba Heaven Gate, the Twin Mountains of Quan Ba, and the Can Ty Pass. Our next destination is Yen Minh. Yên Minh is characterized by its rugged karst landscapes, featuring dramatic limestone mountains and deep valleys. The region offers breathtaking views, especially along the winding mountain roads. Here, we will admire the sculptured rice terraces and have lunch at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon, we will pass by the Tham Ma Pass and the Nine Circles Pass. Late in the day, we will descend to Dong Van, Dong Van is a small town located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, near the border with China, specifically in the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, which is a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The town is surrounded by ancient rock formations, and remote villages. Dong Van is home to various ethnic minority groups, including the Hmong, Tay, Dao, and Lo Lo. Each group contributes to the cultural richness of the area with distinct traditions, costumes, and festivals. While in Dong Van, we will spend time leisurely hiking around the nearby villages. As the day draws to a close, we will stay with a local family for the night. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included)

Day 5: Dong Van - Meo Vac - Du Gia

We will start the day with breakfast and depart from Dong Van for a short drive to the Ma Pi Leng Pass, known for its stunning scenery and challenging terrain. The pass winds through rugged karst mountains, characterized by steep cliffs and deep valleys, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys.

At the Ma Pi Leng Pass, we will hike amidst towering mountains, lush terraced fields, and through ethnic Hmong villages. From this vantage point, we can enjoy sweeping vistas of the Nho Que River below and the mountains stretching into the distance. The Nho Que River flows through rugged and picturesque mountainous terrain in northern Vietnam, particularly in Ha Giang province, characterized by towering limestone karsts, lush forests, and terraced rice fields.

As the river winds through the region, it forms deep gorges with steep cliffs that provide breathtaking views, showcasing the diversity of northern Vietnam's landscapes. Our journey continues to Meo Vac and then to Mau Due, a scenic area where we will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. Next, we will head to Ngam La, renowned for its stunning rice terraces. Along the way, we will visit the ancient French fortress in Duong Thuong and take in panoramic views from the Lung Ho viewpoint. Finally, we will descend to Du Gia village.

Du Gia village is surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills, terraced rice fields, and traditional ethnic villages typical of the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam. The area is known for its waterfalls, including the Du Gia waterfall, which cascades amidst verdant forests. Du Gia is also home to various ethnic minority groups, including the Hmong, Dao, and Tay people, who have preserved their traditional customs, clothing, and ways of life.

While in Du Gia, we will embark on an easy hike amidst the scenic landscapes, passing by the impressive Du Gia waterfall. For the night, we will stay with a friendly and hospitable local Tay family. This allows us to experience authentic hospitality, enjoy home-cooked meals, and learn about daily life in the village. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included)

Day 6: Du Gia - Hanoi

We take an easy stroll around the village of Du Gia before beginning our journey to the village of Lung Tam. Lung Tam is primarily inhabited by the Hmong ethnic minority. The village is known for its strong cultural identity, traditional customs, and craftsmanship. Lung Tam is famous for its traditional hand-weaving and textile production. The Hmong women in the village are skilled artisans who create intricate patterns and designs using natural materials and traditional techniques. These textiles often feature beautiful colors and symbolic motifs that reflect the cultural heritage of the Hmong people.

After our visit to Lung Tam Village, we will proceed to explore the ancient opium valley in Duong Thuong. Located in Ha Giang province, northern Vietnam, Duong Thuong is renowned for its historical significance and natural beauty. The area is characterized by ancient relics and historical sites that vividly reflect its rich cultural history, particularly remnants from the opium trade era of the past. Following this exploration, we will head to Ha Giang, where we will board a bus departing at 4 p.m to Hanoi. The journey is expected to conclude upon our arrival in Hanoi between 9:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. (Breakfast and lunch are included)

The facts...

Physical activities: Easy hiking with:

  • A 7-9 km hike on Day 1
  • A 12-16 km hike on Day 2
  • A 6-8 km hike Day 3
  • A 2-3 km hike on Day 4
  • A 3-5 km hike on Day 5
  • A 2-4 km hike on Day6

From July to September, the climate is usually humid and hot. From October to June brings cooler and more pleasant weather.



  • Air-conditioned bus
  • Motorcycle


  • Homestay (5 nights)

Clean and comfortable homestays with mosquito nets provided



  • 5 breakfasts
  • 6 lunches
  • 5 dinners

We choose local ingredients, typical of the way people eat in the area, at local restaurants, markets or homes. We also cater for Vegetarians but please request this at time of booking.

Trip cost: 

  • $395USD per person for a group of 2 people
  • $336USD per person for a group of 4 to 12 people

The cost of the trip includes: 

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Motorcycle driver
  • Entrance fees
  • VAT and other taxes

The cost of the trip does not include: 

  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks (soft drinks, alcohol)
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips and gratuities

What to Bring:

Pack essentials for 6 days away from Hanoi, including light comfortable clothes suitable for outdoor activities, comfortable hiking shoes. Take a small day pack for hiking. 

It is essential to bring your passport on this trip. We also recommend packing: personal articles, insect repellent, sun cream, raincoat and sun hat...

Have a great trip!!!