Between 07:00 - 07:30 you will be picked up at your accommodation in the Phong Nha area, and taken to the Oxalis Tan Hoa office. There will be a safety briefing, and you will collect safety equipment and sign the release form. After the briefing a short drive will bring you to the start of your adventure. This Hang Tien exploration trek will begin by ascending a hill into the forest. The first 15 minutes will be mainly uphill but you will soon reach the top and start to descend to the river valley. You will then stop to have a quick snack here down the valley to get some more energy before exploring Hang Tien 1 Cave.

Reaching the valley floor, the group will hike over the dry rocky riverbed, with the spectacular entrance of Hang Tien enticing you. Trekking into the cave, you will be surrounded by calcite formations cloaked in green plant life. The striped limestone layers are clearly visible on the walls and roof. As you go further inside guests will see more amazing sites. A swirling dome high in the roof and layers of calcite resembling terraced fields. Keep on going deep inside the cave and discover the mysterious attraction and impressive cave formations that Mother Nature created in Hang Tien.

River Bungalow in Tan Hoa

After exploring Hang Tien, the group will return to the cave entrance for lunch. Following lunch, you will navigate through rock formations to reach the natural pool in the heart of the mountains. Here, guests can enjoy a refreshing swim before continuing their trek back to the main road and then back to the Oxalis Tan Hoa office.

Upon returning to the Tan Hoa office, the group will be taken to check in at the accommodation - River Bungalow. There, guests can freshen up and rest.Around 06:00 PM, the group will have dinner at a local house. Here, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes that are closely associated with the local people's way of life and engage in conversations with them about their daily lives. The group will return to River Bungalow to rest after dinner.

Leaving Tan Hoa

Early the next morning, guests can admire the beautiful sunrise over the picturesque fields of Tan Hoa or enjoy the serene scenery towards the Rao Nan River from the River Bungalow. Alternatively, guests can explore the countryside of Tan Hoa by bicycle and learn more about the local way of life. Afterwards, they can enjoy breakfast prepared by the chefs of Tu Lan Lodge Restaurant.

Guests check out by 12:00 noon. There will be a shuttle service from Tan Hoa to Phong Nha at 12:30 pm after the tour. If you leave Quang Binh that day, make sure your flight/train/bus is scheduled after 4:00 pm. If you want to stay a few more nights at the hotel or are interested in other sightseeing destinations in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang area such as Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, Blue Diamond Camp, Mooc Spring, or Chay River - Dark Cave, please contact your Oxalis Adventure Consultant in advance so she or he can help to arrange that. Or talk to the front desk for last-minute arrangements.