Phong Nha & Ke Bang National Park Expedition

Welcome to the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where nature's magic and human's resilience are revealed through ancient wonders. The park covers more than 123,000 hectares of limestone mountains and forests, hiding over 450 caves, even though only 30% of the park has been explored. Many secrets await you in this mysterious land.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is located in Quang Binh Province, which was known as "the most bombed place in the world" during the Vietnam War. Between the East Coast and the Laos border, a distance of only 50 km, this place witnessed many historical battles. Despite the hardships, the Vietnamese spirit never gave up.

Tra Ang Bridge, a silent witness of the war, reminds us of the value of human lives. Likewise, in the quietness of Eight Ladies Cave, the tragic story of the young female volunteers who sacrificed their lives still echoes. Their sacrifice will always be a symbol of their determination and bravery.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang offers more than just a glimpse of war history. Our one-day exploration of the park takes you to the heart of the "cave kingdom", a place blessed with natural beauty by Mother Nature. You will explore the primeval forests, a magnificent cave, and the underground rivers.

Become a real caver to explore the hidden wonder of nature, Nuoc Nut Cave, this cave is the last one in the cave system that includes Hang En, Son Doong, and Hang Va. It is formed by the Rao Thuong River, which originates from U Bo Peak, the highest point of the park. You will see the beautiful caves with large chambers, colorful stalactites, sandy beaches, and clear emerald lakes. You will also explore the sparkling underground river inside the cave.

After the jungle trek is complete, your next stop is serenity. Hop on a kayak at Chay Lap and glide across the crystal-clear water, flanked by lush hills and giant limestone mountains in the distance. On the paddling route, visitors can see local people fishing on the river. This kayaking activity is the perfect ending to your journey.


Due to the weather conditions the itinerary may need to be changed at short notice. The paths can be muddy and slippery after rain

This morning you will be picked up between 07:30am to 7:45am at your accommodation in Phong Nha  and 08:00. You will enjoy a short journey to Tra Ang Bridge, where you can stretch your legs and breathe some fresh air. After Tra Ang bridge, the group will continue to 8 Lady Cave, which is 3km away. You will visit the memorial temple for the volunteer youths who died on Highway 20.

Nuoc Nut Cave: After a short hike through the dense forest and easy trails, you will arrive at the cave's entrance. You will get a helmet and a headlamp to help you navigate the cave. The cave is dark, except for some natural light that filters through the roof into the main chamber. You will marvel at the various rock shapes, the sandy shores, and the lake. You will also have the opportunity to swim in the underground river. A picnic lunch will be provided at the entrance of Nuoc Nut Cave.

In the afternoon: Leaving behind the stalactites and spelunking, you trade cave shadows for sunshine! A friendly driver awaits you on the west branch of Ho Chi Minh Road. He is ready to scoop you up and reunite you with the rest of your intrepid crew. Kayaking on the Chay River. Following the jungle adventure, you will head to the Chay Lap Riverside where you will receive a kayak.

You can paddle solo or with a partner for two hours along the Chay River, which has clear water from the Nuoc Mooc Spring and the Dark Cave. The day is concluded when our driver brings back to your hotel, arriving there around 5:30pm. (Lunch is included)

We will provide:

Essential gear: caving and safety, basic trekking shoes (size 36-46), meals, water bottle (1L) filter, compost toilet, toilet paper, hand cleaner, guided tour with chef and porter team, shared dry box, first aid and medical rescue equipment, satellite phone

What to take:

- Backpack (20L)

- 1 quick-dry, bright long-sleeved T-shirts


- 1 pair of quick-dry trekking pants

- 1 waterproof jacket (in winter)

- 1 pair of trekking shoes with good drainage

- 1 pairs of calf-length, densely-woven socks

- Mosquito repellent, sunglasses, sun hat, suns cream

The trip cost: $98USD per person for a group of 10 to 12 people maxium

- This tour price includes VAT

- Entrance fee and environment fee

- Management fee and other fees of the national park. The Phong Nha National Park tour includes the following services:

- Service team: tour guide, a safety assistant, and a chef

- A picnic lunch during the trek (excluding extra requests from guests). Dishes follow a fixed menu and vegetarian or vegan dishes are also provided at the request of the guest

- Safety equipment: we will provide safety equipment such as helmets, caving headlamps, gloves and other safety equipment

- Travel insurance: we buy travel insurance for all travelers participating in camping trips with a maximum compensation of VND 10,000,000

                                                                    Have a great trip!!!