Private policy

Why do personal information collected?

The collection of your personal information will help Ethnic Travel:

1. Convenience for the management and handling of services that customers place service at Ethnic Travel (including booking: Tour, vehicle rental, hotel and air tickets at the ticket office or online).

2. Implement and manage the transportation and delivery of travel services to your hands.

3. Support and serve you in many cases or change the service as required.

4. Ensure the accuracy and safety of online transactions.

5. Provide you with the latest information on the official website of Ethnic Travel.

6. Answer the questions and problems from customers in a convenient, accurate and fastest way.

7. Conduct customer surveys to improve service quality and improve service delivery.

8. Implementing advertising, promotion and communication programs related to products and services from Ethnic Travel

9. It is convenient for sending promotions, discounts to customers fastest.

10. Advantages for the introduction of new products, new transaction offices to customers (when new products ...).
What kind of information needs to be collected?

The types of information collected by Ethnic Travel during the live or online transaction include:

1. Personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, passport number or other identification (date of issue, place of issue), nationality, language.

2. Contact information such as phone number, mailing address, email address, fax number.

3. Information on payment if payment by credit card or debit card such as cardholder name, card number, expiration date.

4. Information about the business of the customer such as business name, business address, title.
Other information for the regular Customer Program such as home address, cell phone number, personal email address, habits, interests and information related to special needs of Customer.

Depending on the type of service you use, Ethnic Travel will ask for or request specific personal information that meets the requirements of each type of service.

You have the right to refuse or not provide the information as required. In that case, Ethnic Travel will not be able to provide you with a convenient, fast service on the products and services in full and quality.

As a result, Ethnic Travel is keen to receive full and accurate information and cooperation from you in the process of providing information to Ethnic Travel to carry out its duties, responsibilities and responsibilities. It is our pleasure to serve you in a thoughtful and convenient way.
Ways for information collection?

Ethnic Travel collects personally identifiable information listed above through the Ethnic Travel website, online service, email or social networking sites: Skype, Viber, Zalo, Facebook, Yahoo chat. ... or indirectly through telephone, fax and in the process of direct exchange with customers at the transaction office.
Time to make information?

The storage of your information may be long and may be short depending on your use of the service.

All your personal information will be stored, maintained and maintained by Ethnic Travel throughout the work process and will be canceled upon completion of the purpose of collecting or receiving cancellation requests. from the customer.

There is information that customers will be permanently stored by Ethnic Travel for the purpose of gratitude to customers, convenient for sending new products, discounts and promotions.
What should make some information collected?

Information collected from you will be published and exchanged directly with: Cashiers, guides, drivers, firms, agents, and other stakeholders directly or indirectly. Ensure you are served the best and most thorough during the transaction and the end of the transaction (end use of services).
Will the customer's rights on collection on information?

In the process of trading, you can completely manage your personal information at Ethnic Travel by:

1. Request to stop collecting information.

2. Request for review of collected information.

3. Request to amend and supplement information collected.

4. Request removal of collected information.

5. Request to reproduce, capture the information collected.

6. Request not to provide information gathering position.

7. Do not provide trades